About Us

Education happens every second around the world, which involve every individual from an infant to an adult, from all walks of life.

15 Years in Education Industry
QERA Group of Companies have walked through a journey for the past 15 years in Education industry (working with more than 500 international partner institutions & serviced over 100,000 students), and our goal has always been Connecting Global Education.

We Change as the World Changes
We changed our business strategies along the way to prevail over challenging World. Today, we launched a unique Mobile App that makes Education accessible at clicks away, for Students, Course Providers, Tutors, & Referrals.


Creating an Education & Training Platform that Benefit all Stakeholders Perpetually.


  • Making All Joining Stakeholders PROUD
  • ELEVATE Desiring Individuals From All Demographics Background
  • Making Education & Training Courses ACCESSIBILITY One Click Away
  • Be The TOP Education Media Platform In South East Asia

Company Milestones


Establishment of GEN Education Malaysia, started first tertiary Education counselling & student services centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Operates the South East Asia Regional Office for CTH UK based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Partnering with over 10 Recruitment Offices in Malaysia.

Win the Best Agent in South East Asia by the University of Brighton, UK.


GEN Education Malaysia won the Most Entrepreneurial Award in the British Council East Asia Best Agent Awards in Guangzhou, China.

GEN Education Malaysia received the prestigious ‘Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand’ award conferred by the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Council.


Launched GEN Psychometric Test to help students in choosing the right career path.

Win the ASEAN Best Agent by the University of Brighton, UK consecutively for 3 years.


Group CEO cum Founder, Dato’ Joseph Hii received the National Youth Award under the category of ‘Education Empowerment’ from the formal Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Operates over 30 associate offices in whole South East Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Singapore.


Establishment of HEG Academy, providing Career Workshops for students & adults.

Ventured into Education media & publications with the establishment of Media Company.


Establishment of EdKaline, supplying alkaline water vending machines to schools, colleges, and universities all over Malaysia.

Establish MyUCAS in Malaysia, that offer unique marketing and recruitment strategies.


Initiated the establishment of a Holding Company in Hong Kong & Singapore, serving as the global investment and regional operations for the group of companies.


Officially Launching New QERA System that benefits all Stakeholders in Education Industry.

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© 2020 QERA.
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